Rule & Regulation



            The students are required to follow the rules governing the college discipline. Some of the rules are specified as under:

1)      Students are required to make the following declaration at the time of admission:

            “I hereby undertake to submit myself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal and   other Officers/authorities of the College and shall observe and abide by the disciplinary rules framed by the College Management from time to time. If I fail to comply with the above undertaking, I am aware that my name will be struck off from the rolls.”

2)      Anyone found indulging in ragging in any form in and around the campus shall be expelled from the College.

3)      Students are required to show due regard to norms and property of the institution. Any student found guilty of tampering/damaging the property, fixtures, equipment, furniture, books, building, vehicles, etc. of the College or company shall be punished, which can lead to even expulsion from the College.

4)      Students must observe complete silence in the College premises. They must not loiter in the lawns, passage and corridors during the class work. They must study in the library and spend their spare time in such a way as not to cause any interference with the work of others.

5)      The students should be punctual in attendance and must be in their seats before the commencement of lectures.

6)      No society or association of students will be formed without the previous written permission of the Management.

7)      No person shall be invited to address or entertain the students in the College without the previous permission of the Principal.

8)      Subjects of debates or items of entertainment of the students in the College shall first be approved by the Principal.

9)      No student shall be allowed to enter the College without Uniform.

10)  Every student of the College must have an Identity Card. He/She should always carry it with him/her in and outside the College. No student of the College shall travel without his/her identity card. This card shall be produced at the time of University examination by every candidate.

11)  Students are required to note that an application regarding issuing of bonafide certificate, passing out certificate, railway concession forms, scholarship advances etc must be submitted at least two days in advance. This will enable the College to prepare and keep it ready for delivery.

12)  The Principal reserves the right to expel any student at any time for indulging in any activity deemed sufficient by the Principal as “misbehavior” in the campus.

13)  The Principal reserves the right to remove from the rolls the name of any student in case of failure to pay the institute’s dues in time.

14)  Students are required to read the notice(s) displayed on the notice board of the College regularly. The College shall not accept any responsibility for any loss/damage incurred by student owing to his/her failure to read the notice in time.

15)  Smoking, chewing pans, drinking (alcohol) and use of ‘drugs’ are strictly prohibited in the premises of the College/hostel.

16)  Students shall not take part in politics or engage themselves in activities prejudicial to the interest of the College or deemed to be anti-government or subversive activities.

17)  No student shall possess or carry any lethal weapon with him/her in the College campus.

18)  The name of candidate shall be struck off from the College rolls on account of continuous unauthorized absence of 10 working days. Leave of absence must be got sanctioned from the Principal of the College in advance.