Library plays a very critical role in supporting the academic programmes of the institute. It identifies, evaluates, procures, processes and then makes these learning resources available to the faculty and students for their teaching, learning and research assignments. That’s why Dr. S.R. Ranganathan, the Father of Library Science development in India has famously said “The Library is the trinity of Learning Resources, Faculty/Students and the Library staff.

Kashmir Law College has always been striving hard to meet the expectations of its users. The library is run by well qualified professionals assisted by adequate support staff. However, there has been a long felt need to bring clarity and uniformity in procedures and practices of the library and resources Centre so as to further improve its efficiency, utility and services.

Library Advisory Committee (LAC)

We have formed the Library Advisory Committee to support the functioning of the library so that it can facilitate the library development activities with the management. The purpose of which is to act as a channel of communication and dialogue between the college library and its users.

The composition of this committee is:

i)                    Chairman of the Institution, Mr. Altaf Ahmad Bazaz.

ii)                   Vice Chairman, Mr. Hamid Ahmad Wani.

iii)                 Librarian of the College, Mr. Ubaid Javeed Bhat & other Library Staff.

iv)                 CR’s of all Current Semesters.

The committee meets at least once in every half yearly manner to review the library affairs.

Library Budgets/Finance

Library budget means the financial allocation to procure documents and provide access to the information resources. The present annual budget of the library has the following components:

i)                    Library Development Fund.

ii)                   Society Grants.

iii)                 Revenue from Library Resources.

Procurement of Library Resources

Procurement of Library Resources constitutes the primary responsibility of library. Library makes a systematic effort in building up the collection development by identifying, evaluating, selecting, processing and making it available to the users. Whether it is a Book, Journal or an Online Database, any learning resource that gets added goes through a rigorous selection process.

Circulation Desk

Circulation Desk is the first contact point for faculty and students both. Efficient functioning of the faculty leaves a lasting impression on the user and hence it is very important section of the library. The major activities of the section are:

i)                    Issue and Return of the resources.

ii)                   Attending the users query for effective interpretation of library rules and regulations.

iii)                 Registration of new users.

iv)                 Assisting the users in procuring the books or any other library material.

v)                  Re-racking of library material and Issuing NOC’s.

Loan Criteria/ Borrowing entitlement for users.

Category of Users

General Shelf Books

Reference Books

No. of Books

Issuing Period

No. of Books

Issuing Period

Permanent Faculty


30 Days


2 Days

Visiting/Adhoc Faculty


30 Days


2 Days

Administrative Staff


20 Days


2 Days



15 Days




Documents that cannot be Barrowed:

Journal Bound Volumes, All India Reporters, Loose issues of Journals and the latest available issues of Magazines are to be referred within library premises and are not allowed for issuing out in any case.

Shifting towards e-Resources

Because of the conveniences like multiple accesses and anywhere, anytime access, there was a need for online database, e-Journal and e-Books. Kashmir Law College has endeavored to have excellent access infrastructure like broad band Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity in the campus. Hence they were made available.

Reference Services

Library houses all important reference sources like Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, All India Reporters, Yearbooks, Journals, etc. the collection ranges from general to subject specific sources.

Photocopying Services

Library has one Heavy Duty Photo copying machine to provide photocopying services to its users at Rs.2 Per page.

Computer Access Acceptable Use

The registered members of the library are authorised to use the Computer, Internet Facility or access to E-Resources.

Library Strength

10,000+ Books, 4000+ journals, 2000+ AIR’s, 1000+ Encyclopedias, 500+ Dictionaries and 500+ Yearly College Journals.