Principal Message


In the changing globalized market economy education is getting internationalized and the concept of territorial boundaries is breaking down. Information technology is contributing to this change and will have a major impact on the whole educational system.

            The Indian legal profession has introduced a sea-change in the field of legal education in order to accommodate the emerging legal developments and trends to facilitate aspiring law students with new dimensions to compete with the knowledge and skills of the foreign lawyers for its own survival. Present day legal profession requires lawyers to represent clients not only within but also outside its national frontiers. The Working Group of National Knowledge Commission is also of the same opinion that the aim of legal education should be to create lawyers who are comfortable and skilled in dealing with the differing legal systems and cultures that make up our global community while remaining strong in one’s own national legal system.

            Kashmir Law College is fully equipped with adequate facilities including competent and experienced faculty, well equipped library, computer Labs and other learning infrastructure for conducting LL.B and BA. LL.B Hon’s courses.

            I look forward to welcome the entrants at the Kashmir Law College, Nowshera, Srinagar.